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7 Netflix Documentaries for Graphic Designers


These quality documentaries will inspire you and help you become more creative.

Let's go see them...

1. Abstract: The Art of Design

In this two-season documentary, there are eight standalone profiles of prominent designers and creatives! You get a view into their creative lives.

2. The Creative Brain

In this science-based documentary, David Eagleman takes as its starting point the idea that "Creativity doesn't mean creating something out of nothing. It means refashioning something that already exists."

As designers, creativity is a must here.

3. Minimalism

The idea of minimalism has become an increasingly popular concept over recent years. From app interfaces to logos, companies and individuals have greatly started to prefer a minimalistic design approach. It makes sense. Simple designs have a unique kind of beauty to them.

4. The People's Designer

Jeremy Scott is the designer for Adidas and Moschino, and in this documentary, we get to see his life's story and work. The film shows us that no matter how good you are, every designer has to face criticism and people who don't understand your work.

5. Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

If you love Disney, you won't be able to say no to this one. This fascinating documentary demonstrates how Norman continues to impact the industry and battle ageism.

6. I Am Sun Mu

Intense and thought provoking, this Korean (how Squid Game) documentary offers designers the perspective of someone else who risks everything for his work. It follows Mu as he prepares his show undercover before an unexpected turn of events places him and his friends and family in danger.

7. Print the Legend

Print the Legend portrays some of the history and achievements of several 3D printing companies, including MakerBot, Formlabs, Stratasys, and 3D Systems.

The documentary also explores the relationship between the 3D printing industry and the gun rights advocacy movement. Cody Wilson, who is known for gun rights advocacy and specifically for promoting the 3D printing of guns, is interviewed extensively in the documentary.

Arcane Inc, Ahmedabad

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